All About Eyes Tag

Monday, June 23, 2014

All About Eyes Tag

Hi Divas!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend. This week on the blog I will be doing a fun beauty tag. Since my eyes are my favourite feature on my face I thought I would do a spot light post of it on the blog. Hope you enjoy it. P.S. I have a makeup giveaway on my Facebook page currently running. So head on over to Diva Desle on Facebook and enter! There are three lovely products up for grabs.
Much love!

Tag Questions: 1. What eye cream/serum do you use?
I don't use eye creams or serums. I do love to use the Essence Cooling Eye Roll On ball. It contains cucumber extracts that soothes and moisturizes puffy eyes. I love to roll this under my eyes in the morning if they are feeling tired and looking puffy and red.
2. What is your favourite under eye concealer?
I love using the Essence Stay Natural concealer. I use it mainly to highlight as it is quite sheer but I love the natural finish it leaves on my face. You can read my full review on it here .
3. What is your favourite eye brow product?
I think you will notice a pattern here, but I really love using the Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set. It comes with two shades of brow shadow and stencils. You can read my full review on that product here.
4. What is your favourite eye shadow primer?
My absolute favourite would have to be the Urban Decay Primer Potion. This product is amazing and never creases your eyeshadow. A little product goes a long way too, so it is a great investment.
5. Your favourite shadow palette ( you must choose just one).
This is a very hard decision to make as I love all my eyeshadow palettes. If I have to choose only one it would have to be my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. This palette contains a variety of neutral eyeshadows that can be worn every day. You can also create many glam smokey eye looks for a night out. This is a beautiful and versatile palette.

6. Your favourite eye makeup remover.
 I love using Clarins Instant Eye Makeup remover. It is gentle on my eyes and removes the toughest black liner.

7. Your favourite mascara.
It would have to be the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. I adore the formulae and the brush. It gives gorgeous dramatic lashes.
8. Your favourite eye liner (gel, kohl,felt tip).
To create a beautiful winged liner I love using the NYX Super Fat Marker black liner. I will do a full review on it soon. It gives me a beautiful precise line across my eyelids.

9. Your favourite single eyeshadow.
I don't use single eyeshadows. I love using palettes, so I would have to say the Essence quad eyeshadows would be my favourite. Read my full review on them here.
10. Your favourite sunglasses
So, I have a confession to make. I don't buy sunglasses any more. I used to spend lots of money on sunglasses and they would break in the most tragic ways. They would crush in my handbag; I would sit on them by accident or scratch them. Big sigh! So I found a solution to my problem. All the sunglasses I currently own are all free because I get them with magazine purchases. Whenever I see a fashion or beauty magazine giving away sunglasses free with the monthly magazine I would buy it. Needless to say I have four awesome pairs of sunglasses that I got for free. My favourite pair are the pink retro shaped sunglasses pictured above, which I got in a Glamour magazine. I even went overseas with this pair and got so many compliments. Score!:-)

Have a fabulous week Divas!

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  1. I'm def adding the eyebrow set this month... I usaully buy the eyebrow pencil but def giving it a whirl this month. I so badly want the Naked2.. But my wallet won't allow me lol

    1. I know how you feel. There are so many products on my wish list but I need to save up a storm;-)

  2. I need to invest in the essence roll on in your number 1 answer!

  3. Great post, I'm a bit afraid to try the eyebrow set. But I'm so curios... Thank you for sharing.

    1. Give it a whirl Victoria. It is very inexpensive so it won't be a big loss if you don't like it. xxxx

  4. I am definitely going to be picking up some of these products :)

  5. Love this post, it was great reading about your choices! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by :)

  6. Your eye make-up always looks great, Diva Desle! I love your sunglasses, too. Thanks for a great post. :D

    1. Thank you sooo much for the lovely comment. Lots of love. Xxx

  7. I absolutely adore your gorgeous sunglasses!!! And this TAG was so fun to read! I will for sure have to give that Clarins eye makeup remover a try. Wishing you a fantastic weekend! -Sarah

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. Sending you tons of love. xxxx


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