Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara & Rouge In Love Lipstick

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara & Rouge In Love Lipstick

 I won a wonderful Lancome hamper from PrincessNoo's blog giveaway last year and did a review on the Lancome Vernis in Love nail polish here, which was included in the prize. I have never owned Lancome makeup products before so I was very excited to try these luxury products.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
I have heard so many people rave about Lancome mascara's a while back and I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. Ok people, now I understand! The mascara comes in a chic black wand applicator. It is the perfect shape and length for a easy and hassle free mascara application. The wand is very steady and fits perfectly in my hand. The mascara brush has a slight curve which creates the perfect curl on my lashes. The bristles are soft and glide effortlessly through my lashes coating it evenly and lengthen them.

Some mascara's throughout the day tend to become hard on the lashes which irritate the eyes or damages the lashes. The Hypnose Drama Mascara feels really light on my lashes and does not become hard or dried out. At the end of the day my lashes still look great and are in perfect shape. Removing the mascara is a breeze with my facial wash and will be easy to remove with makeup remover liquid too. I give this mascara a perfect score. I would love to save up and splurge on another Lancome Mascara when this one is finished. It really is top quality. 

Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Rose En Deshabille
  The Rouge in love lipstick comes in a pretty silver casing. The lipstick is quite creamy in texture and glides smoothly on the lips. This colour is quite light to what I usually wear and I would often pair it with a dramatic smokey eye. It gives a natural pink tint on my lips which is great for when you don't want to look too overdone on certain days.

To tell you the honest truth I don't know where I stand on the like or dislike scale when it comes to this lipstick. On some days the lipstick would glide on great and give my lips a creamy pink satin look. On other days the lipstick was too creamy and the pigments seemed to separate on my lips. It is pretty hard to explain, but the texture was not even on my lips. I found that this usually happened on very hot days. So I would conclude that this lipstick works best in colder temperatures than in hot weather. I would probably not buy this lipstick again as I would prefer shades and textures I can wear all year round. Have any of you lovely ladies tried this lipstick? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Great review sweetie! I love your blog ;)
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN? The Indian Savage Diary

  2. Congratulations on your win! I love Lancome mascara. So glad you got to try it and now love it too. They're so good.

  3. I really want to try the Hypnose mascara!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  4. Replies
    1. I love it so much. It is really worth the splurge!


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