Diva Road Tripping Essentials

Monday, May 13, 2013

 Diva Road Tripping Essentials

 I am queen of Roadtripping. My job requires me to constantly be on the road travelling to weird and wonderful little towns. I am usually required to pack light because there is never enough space for all the luggage in the boot and the guys I sometimes travel with can get a little irritated with all the girly products. I also hate travelling with heavy luggage bags and having too much stuff. I am pretty practical when it comes to travelling. I have noticed that through out my seven years of road tripping I have developed my ideal road trip essentials. These are likely to change as I get older, have new needs and find new awesome products to use.

 My road trip travel essentials... for now:-)

*Essence Lip and Cheek Tint: I love Essence's Lip and Cheek Creme product. You can read my review on it here. It can be kept in your hand bag and you can use it any time to give your lips and cheeks a rosy glow without looking over done.
*Kleenex Hands Sanitizing Wipes: Serious hygiene lifesaver! I am a little O.C.D when it comes to hygiene. Sometimes hand sanitizer liquid is not enough to get rid of the germs. You got to wipe your hands thoroughly clean. I use it as well to wipe my phone, steering wheel and any thing else that needs disinfectant. Lol
*Body Shop Hand Cream: This is a lovely handbag size that will stand the test of time being tossed around in your handbag. I always whip it out when my hands are feeling super dry and need some TLC. I received this little product from Nicole. Visit her awesome blog here.

*Body Shop Eau De Toilette Body Spray: So you bound to smell a little funky after spending hours in a hot car. I love this spray because it is not overpowering like a perfume but not too generic like a can body spray. It's a lovely light scent that is a signature scent to me. When people smell it they think of sweet smelling Desle. Hehe:-)
*Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream: This cream rocks! You can use it any where! I mean any where! I use it mainly on my lips. It moisturises and gives me a lovely glossy finish. Sometimes I put a little on my eyebrows so that I don't look ashy after three hours of driving in the Karoo.
*Clicks Pocket Tissues: Sometimes there is no toilet paper at the garage pit stops. *Cry face* These tissues always come in handy for emergency hygiene breaks. 

*UltraSun SPF20: I love keeping a travel size SPF cream in my handbag because you never know when you will need to give your skin extra protection from the sun. Plus I end up sharing it with the rest of the crew I work with because they always forget to bring theirs:-)

These essentials I keep in my handbag. What I keep in my luggage bag is a whole other post on it's own.

Thanks for reading. Xxx 

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  1. Thanks for the mention Hun. So glad you are enjoying some of your goodies. xx

  2. Love road tripping too, wish I go to do it more often, This is a great and very useful list of must-haves, I must print this out for my next journey! Thanks for your kind words over at mine :)

  3. I love those Kleenex wipes! I ALWAYS have a pack in my handbag. Great list D :) xx

  4. Love all of those...



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