Sunday, July 22, 2012


To get the perfect manicure that will last for a whole week. Yes 7 days of perfect nails! Try Sally Hansen's range of nail products. 

I adore nail polish. I have tried every hue on my nails and change my nail colour at least twice a week. Nail polish expresses my mood and creativity. One day I am vamp red the next day playful pink another day mysterious dark blue. I love all things bright. So the crazier the colour the better.

Nail polish can damage your nails making it dry and brittle. So I have compiled a awesome regime to keep my nails healthy and oh so pretty!

6 Steps to a perfect Manicure:

Sally Hansen Nail and Cuticle Oil
Prep your nails by applying a drop of moisturising Vitamin E oil to soften and nourish nails and cuticles.


Sally Hansen Complete Care 4in1 Treatment
Apply a base coat of clear nail varnish to protect your growing nails and keep them healthy. This is one of the best base clear nail polishes I have ever used. It's thick formula covers and protects my nails really well. It lasts long and can be used as a base coat, top coat and clear coat on it's own. Yes it is pricey but it lasted me the whole year and I wouldn't hesitate to invest in another bottle.


Sally Hansen Red Nail polish All Fired Up
Apply one of Sally Hansen's awesome manicure range. The colours are intense and they guarantee no chipping after a few days.


Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen
Or apply a white manicure strip for perfectly manicured nails. I love this white manicure pen. You can apply your own white tips with precision. No mess!

 Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat
Apply a top coat to protect your manicure. This product is my miracle worker. I am so glad I found it. This top coat adds Mega Shine as it says and makes your manicure last for 7 days. It really is amazing. You can apply it anytime after your manicure to keep your nails looking perfectly groomed.


Sally Hansen Hand Cream

And finally Keep hands moisturised with this lovely shea butter hand cream. My favourite hand cream by far! Lovely scent and keeps hands moisturised all day.


*Sally Hansen is available at your nearest Clicks and Dischem stores.

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  1. I bought a Complete salon manicure nail polish and was very disappointed with the results. I don't know if it's just the one colour I have but it just never seems to harden properly even when I've left it to dry for ages and used the Insta-Dri Top coat (which I love). The Sally Hansen correction pen is also fantastic.

  2. I haven't had a problem with Sally Hansen but I find that to be true with some nail polishes I bought from different brands. Some seem to dry quicker than others. Probaly something to do with the chemical components of that certin colour. Science stuff that I know nothing about:-) I usually let each coat dry before I apply the next coat. That seems to help. Thank you for commenting. Xx


Thank you for your comment:-)